Additional Resources

More tools and resources to help healthcare providers and parents navigate issues around perinatal mental health. Have an idea for a resource you’d like us to add? Email us at

For Parents

Advice on asking for help and advocating for your needs around pregnancy and parenthood.

  • Letter for your Primary Care Provider

    Coming Soon!

  • Self-Care Bingo

    In the hectic days of parenthood, self-care is easy to overlook. Keep this game nearby to help you remember to prioritize your well-being.

  • Offering Support to a Postpartum Person

    We all want to help our friends and family when they have recently given birth.  But knowing what they need or how you can things easier can be challenging.  This tool has many suggestions on how you can make your friend’s life a little nicer.

  • My Postpartum Plan

    There are so many things to consider when we are starting or growing our family.  This form will prompt you to make decisions before you actually need to make them.

  • Books, Podcasts and Other Media

    Our website only has some of the answers to questions you may have.  This lists contains many resources on many topics about pregnancy and parenting.

  • Intimate Partner Violence

    This infographic contains warning signs of dangerous relationships as well as resources for those who are looking for an escape.

  • Perinatal OCD

    This handout contains criteria for recognizing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and helps individuals learn about uncomfortable intrinsic thoughts.

For Physicians & Advanced Practice Providers

  • Screening parents during well-child visits

    Recommendations for pediatricians around assessing the mental health of new parents.

  • Pediatrician-to-PCP referral letter

    Coming Soon!

  • Back of the door poster

    A simple letter sized poster that can be printed for patients to learn about PEACE for Moms resources.

  • Intimate Partner Violence

    We provide an infographic with facts and resources for clinicians caring for a vulnerable population

For Therapists & Birth Workers

Parenthood may place new demands on patients with pre-existing mental health conditions, or anyone who is currently in a psychotherapeutic or birthing support relationship. Therapists and birth workers should monitor patients for signs of distress around this critical time.

  • Screening perinatal patients during your sessions

    Recommendations for psychotherapists and birth workers working with perinatal patients.

  • PCP referral letter

    If you suspect postpartum mental health issues in your patient, you may wish to notify the patients’ provider using this form letter, which also points the provider to the services that PEACE for Moms offers. PEACE for Mom operates in the state of Georgia, and as such, this letter is intended only intended for patients and providers in the state of Georgia.