Perinatal mental health resources for healthcare providers

As a physician, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife or physician assistant, you’re the first line of defense for your perinatal patients’ mental health. PEACE for Moms’ goal is to provide tools and resources that enable you to diagnose and treat your patients more confidently and effectively.

In addition to the resources and tools we share below, PEACE for Moms is available to consult with you regarding screening, diagnosis, and treatment for your patient’s mental health concerns.

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Screening tools for your patients

Mental health screening tools can assist your patient to move toward wellness. These simple forms will help you determine what may be ailing them, which can then guide their treatment plan. Access our collection of validated screening tools to use with your patients to quickly and effectively screen for several common disorders.

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Virtual Learning Community for Clinicians

Reproductive Mental Health ECHO is a place for clinicians and community advocates to collaborate on implementing solutions that improve maternal outcomes in Georgia.

ECHO sessions are monthly, typically on the third Thursday of each month, from 12pm-1pm (ET). Registration is free. View past session recordings.

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How to communicate with your patient about their mental health

Conversations about your patient’s mental health can be challenging, but they are necessary. Learn some quick and supportive statements you can use during an appointment if you suspect your patient is experiencing mental health concerns.

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Want more tools?

Looking for more resources to support your perinatal patients? Check out our library of tools, which we add to regularly.

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Help spread the word

Help us spread the word about PEACE for Moms and other mental healthcare resources in Georgia. Download a variety of handouts, office signage, and other digital documents to share information with patients and your peers.