Skills Groups for Your Patients

Our skills groups are tailored to address anxiety and depression associated with pregnancy or the postpartum period. They are best suited for patients at high risk for postpartum depression, patients with mild to moderate depression or anxiety, and patients who are stable and currently established in mental health treatment. 

All groups are facilitated by PEACE for Moms staff and meet weekly over Zoom. To refer a patient for one of our groups, please call the PEACE for Moms consult line at 404-977-3223.  If your organization or practice would like information about hosting a Mothers and Babies or ROSEs group on-site, please contact us by email at

Skills groups are accessible by provider referral only.

Mothers & Babies

Mothers & Babies focuses on improved coping skills and interventions to address symptoms of depression and anxiety. Participants are trained in mindfulness practices as well as focusing on developing healthy attachments to their new infant. Held over telemedicine and led by PEACE for Moms staff, there are nine weekly hour-long sessions. Each week builds on the prior sessions, so participants are asked to commit to the entire course. These groups are “closed” (i.e. patients may enter the program at specific intervals) and will allow 6-9 participants per cycle. Participants must be within one year of giving birth.

To refer your patient to this skills group, call PEACE for Moms at 470-977-3223.